Many global brands distributed through Australia are managed on a significant lead time due to our southern hemisphere seasons and the manufacturing cycle for deliveries to Australia. For example: Scarpa boots are mostly manufactured in Italy and each style is made to order for Australia.

In order to provide the most consistent supply of products, indents are taken at range launches to ensure that buy patterns are reflected in the purchase order placed by the importer. Momentum Agencies is focused on delivering consistent ranging opportunities for retailers and industry to ensure access to key brands and product is available when required in store in season. Indenting usually achieves better margins for the retailer for committing to product in advance.

Range reviews are conducted either in the Brisbane showroom, on site at retail or at national trade fairs such as SOTA (Ski & Outdoor Trade Association) or at SIA (Ski Industry Association). Momentum Agencies is focused on providing up to date ranges, samples and catalogues across all indented lead time brands.