Momentum Agencies is proud to be associated with PLAN International

Plan International stand up for child rights and believe all children have the right to realise their true potential and build a better future for themselves.

  • Plan have no political or religious affiliations.
  • They work with the entire community to develop long-term sustainable solutions to overcome poverty and promote child rights.
  • Children are at the heart of everything they do.

We sponsor 3 year old Mario who lives with his family in the Ainaro district of Timor-Leste.

MarioPLAN in 2015

Plan has been working with parents and the Ministry of Education in the district of Ainaro to establish 9 community preschools enabling many more children aged 3-5 to attend preschool or playgroup and to also receive daily nutrition.

Plan is working with a local organisation MAHARU to educate the community about the rights of children regarding protection from violence and abuse.

Unemployment rates among young people in Ainaro are very high. Working with local authorities, Plan has begun implementing it’s Youth Empowerment Program which provides training to increase the self confidence of young people, guidance in helping them become involved in the development of their villages, and providing vocational training in plumbing, water pipe laying, construction of water systems and office administration.