Momentum Agencies has been established to service the increasing requirements of retailers and industry with quality product and professional brand support services. We offer a fresh approach to brand management and a new platform of readily available information on hand from one centralised location. Through this website Momentum Agencies presents a fast and easy directory service to 20 renowned brands for all current product information and stockist directories.

With over 20 years experience in retail and wholesale supply chain management, we have the background to build and deliver consistant brand partnerships between importers and retailers physical stores and online platforms. This site also serves as a useful tool for staff and consumers who research buying decisions prior to walking into store.

Located in Bunya Riverside 20 minutes north of Brisbane city and the airport, Momentum Agencies provides a designated showroom and office facilities to present full sample ranges of all listed brands. Whether you are a light weight travel and camping business, a destination ski store or an industrial height safety provider, we have the samples on site to cater for your business.

We welcome all wholesale enquiries throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory. Momentum Agencies is more than happy to work with you to identify the opportunities from our growing brand agencies. We distribute lots of fun products and like to have fun distributing them! We look forward to hearing how we can help you.

Robert Saunders.